STUDIO K – The night just before the forests – B.M. Koltès


with Saba Salvemini

by B.M. Koltès
A Tale of metropolitan love

An Areté Ensemble Production (2007)


Idea and synopsis
A foreigner is looking for a room and approaches a boy in a rainy night. Night tales of a world made of pigs, bitches, women on a bridge, children, generals…a world where it is still possible to say I love you.
The text moves around the theme of love. Koltès paints a world upside down where solitude, work, money, personal interests are more important. As his Knight of love he chooses a stranger, a foreigner, a searcher and an idealist. A man of the street direct and determined, a man, a soul who looks for love, for a room, for a solution, for a companion.
A foreigner who sees us.
Bernard-Mariè talks about love and seems to suggest us a way how to come back to love ourselves and to love each other.

A monologue written without a full stop, a river of words.
The form I choose in order to play this text is an open theatre form.
An actor in costume under the spot witch lightens up the whole theatre space. He speaks to no more than 60 persons.
The direct and poetic writing of Koltès needs a true lightness in the actors playing. Only without heaviness and without underlining the drama of the scenescan help the text to breathe and to make emerge that deep and light meaning that the author seems to suggest us.


Notes of a journey:
“The work was born as a study and it will continue to have this nature. Each performance is an open rehearsal. In the actor the meaning of what he is playing becomes clear and strong as time passes. So the theatre form should not prevent this everyday process.
Just actor and text meet the public.

The performance will be played in english. N.B. The english of a foreigner.


Indicative duration:
70 min.


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Video Trailer (I and II part)

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