Directed by Annika Strøhm, Saba Salvemini and Luca Franco

A short film realised by Areté Ensemble and TIE FILM

 Il compleanno di Sofia Cartolina Front-1

BEST SHORT FILM Genova Film Festival (Obiettivo Liguria)  – Genoa
BEST SHORT FILM – FuoridelComune Festival – Bari
BEST ACTRESS – PiemonteMovieFestival  – Turin
BEST SOUND Wordless Film Festival – Bari

Presented to BiF&est Festival di Bari “Sez. Cinema e Puglia” (Ita)– “Schermi Irregolari 2011″  (Ita) – Festival del Cinema Europeo – Puglia Show (Ita) – Skepto Film Festival (Ita) – Fuori del Comune Film Festival (Ita), Foggia Film Festival (Ita), Trani Film Festival (Ita),  International Short Film Festival Detmold (Ger), David di Donatello (Ita) , Acquedolci Indipendent Film Festival-AIFF (Ita), Lago Film Festival, Siff (Ita), Salento International Film Festival (Ita), Pentedattilo Film Festival (Ita), Wordless Festival (Ita). Registered in the ShortFilm Corner 2011 – Cannes (Fra). Selected for the Catalogue of ANICA 2011 – Associazione Nazionale Industrie Cinematografiche  – National association for cinema

The birthday of Sophie is the story of a young widow and widower who visit, in a silent and snow covered cemetery, the tombs of their spouses. They meet and fall in love.
The main characters are swept away by a desperate need for affection, fallen a sleep for many years, that calls them to give love another chance.
Life’s inexorable and overwhelming force prevails sorrow and the feeling of guilt.
A silent meeting between two human beings coming from different worlds – she from the north and him a man of the south – united by death and by the will of living.
This short film is inspired by the following Haiku poetry :
(freely translated)
In the fields of snow
greenest is the green

of the new grass

KONISHI RAIZAN (1653-1716)

Year: 2010
Duration: 10,40 minutes
Country of production: Italy
Location: Norway
Language: No dialogue
Subtitles: No dialogue or subtitles
Camera: Canon 7D
Video format: Pal 16/9 DVD and Pal 16/9 Digital Betacam
Manuscript: Original
Film rights: Areté Ensemble and TIE Film

Annika Strøhm, Saba Salvemini, Luca Franco
Annika Strøhm
Saba Salvemini
Annika Strøhm
Annika Strøhm, Saba Salvemini, Luca Franco
Luca Franco
Luca Franco
Filippo Quaglia
Secretary of production
Serena Maffioli
Areté Ensemble
Zerottanta Produzioni

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